Argumentative essay against legalizing weed

This is just a free sample of the research paper, or part of the research paper on the given topic you have found at ProfEssays. Secondly, the legalization of Marijuana can help the government save a large amount of money. Moreover, the legalization of marijuana can also yield a new tax source for the government, which will consequently increase the government revenue.

Additionally, there are certain health benefits that come from using cannabis, which is why there is such thing as medical marijuanas.

The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol THC. The drug has been used in the United Kingdom to treat MS patients, and it has been found to work effectively. In the same year, 25, people died of alcohol related causes.

Another argument is that using marijuana is harmful to the user and therefore whoever uses it becomes victimized. Primarily, cannabis should be legalized since it is used for medication, and its legalization means better and higher quality health standards.

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It also helps to open up lungs of an asthma patient Kmietowicz Rhetorical question of marijuana legalization is legal marijuana.

If you feel you need professional writing assistance contact us. For example, according to Parry it becomes hard for any drug user who uses cannabis to make an informed decision to quit this behavior since the use of cannabis affects the logical thinking of its users.

Moreover, the study also found out that 4. This third point does not mean that marijuana is completely safe for use, which is why any proper marijuana legalization should be carefully crafted to limit people in marijuana consumption. Sep 20, lsd, the many n this was the legalization of marijuana.

We will help you to create perfect research paper on any topic. Opinions appear to be pulled in two directions: On the other hand, various penalties are imposed for use or possession of cannabis in most countries.

Legally Blind: Why I'm Against Legalizing Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana leads to a lot of immorality and increased crime rates. From that perspective, it can be argued that if the medical reason can be used to legalize marijuana, then cocaine should indeed have been legalized long before marijuana since it has a stronger numbing effect Moudgil Repeal of marijuana can be really sick in green.

We can write an even better essay for you. Expect to georgia when i feel like it now. Therefore, banning of cannabis would be a disadvantage to people who suffer from diseases that use cannabis as a major component in their medicine. Many individuals who started out smoking marijuana went on to harder drugs like cocaine because they were chasing a better and stronger high.

A number for peaceful people are locked up in prison, and the tax payers have to make a payment of their bills, because a number of costs are associated with locking up the people in jails.

Cannabis helps a condition that is known as cancer chemotherapy. A completely different type of legalization is the one done in Holland.

Argumentative essay against legalization of marijuana Leave your email to keep updated with our latest special offers. In this argumentative essay, I seek to argue the reasons why cannabis should be legalized, and why it should not.

Argumentative Essay Paper on the Legalization of Marijuana

Look no further than ProfEssays. At this point, there are over 1, licensed shops that sell cannabis every day. The decriminalization of marijuana refers to removing drug offences — concerning marijuana — from criminal law rather than completely legalizing and allowing public use of the drug whether regulated or not.

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized, an argumentative essay. ambitions led him to indiscriminately kill women and children to make sure that there wasn’t any further vendettas against him for. Essay Against Medical Marijuana - There currently exists some controversy concerning smoking marijuana as a medicine.

Many well-intentioned leaders and members of the public have been misled by the well-financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into believing there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe and.

Essay on Legalizing Marijuana-Persuasive Outline; Essay on Legalizing Marijuana-Persuasive Outline. Words Jan 14th, 4 Pages. Billy Bob Joe Good Example Persuasive Speech Outline The Controversy of Legalizing Marijuana Essay Words | 5 Pages. Help me to pick argumentative essay topic; Great opinion paper writing ideas; Composing a quality essay Many “weed-heads” do not believe that weed smoking is an addictive behavior or causes serious problem for daily users.

at the same time, legalizing marijuana can open the door to an individual becoming addicted to harder drugs. Argumentative Essay Against Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana Should be Legalized and Allowed to Be Sold in Coffee Shops I am against legalization of marijuana even though the governments of some other Western countries embark on decriminalization of marijuana.

Should We Legalize Marijuana? In the perspective of America's war on drugs, marijuana is one of the biggest enemies. And since alcohol and tobacco, two life threatening substances, are legal it is a relevant question to ask why marijuana is illegal.

Argumentative essay against legalizing weed
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Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Argumentative Essay Example