An argument in favor of bitter sweet aspartame a diet delusion

Shirley and I went up to the Oak Tree, about twenty miles away in Woodland, for supper in hopes of escaping from the pollution. Aspartame has caused an epidemic of autism and ADD. My office apparently had polyurethane insulation because it smelled strongly of formaldehyde and urea to me, and worsened my condition.

How defenseless are infants in their mother's womb who are being aborted, or worse, by it. Aspartame is a potent epileptogenic agent, causing seizures directly from its toxic effect, as well as when in withdrawal from same, along with seizures induced by the CHz when the patient is exposed to even minute amounts of sensitizing agents such as chemical contaminants, ie.

So, what does this all mean. Our first inkling that anything was wrong was that, while we both loved to eat at salad bars, they now made us sick.

Life became one long, dark, pleasureless, sleepless night. When the methanol from Aspartame is metabolized it has obligatory first step metabolism to formaldehyde, the strongest organic base.

After he kicked his aspartame habit, his symptoms improved dramatically. Were there any confounding factors. Maybe, if you just told me the chemical formula of Nutra Sweet, I could figure out what's happened to me here, because the stuff almost killed me.

As pointed out by Dr. Antihistamines were somewhat helpful, but he knew we needed something better, more wide spectrum, and more powerful. Does the human body know how to digest and metabolize artificial ingredients. Otherwise, it's just your opinion. If anything brainwashes us worse than Aspartame it must be the drivel they teach us as adolescents in "civics" classes.

I wondered how I could get so old so fast. Michigan had been pretty well dominated by its auto industry and union politics, so the pulp and paper industry had to toe the line. This stuff has been released for general consumption. When all the results were in, I again saw Dr.

I abandoned the swimming pool and became a couch potato. It is by this route. If you don't have an inclination to read the papers, that's your problem. A single graph without context is almost meaningless.

My first answer came incidentally. Talking or maintaining a normal posture was nearly impossible for me. Other breakdown products of aspartame such as DKP discussed below may also have been a factor.

What were they to think. I could never have dreamed that my own government would have exposed me to a concoction of methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, or methanol. As I contemplated this I could not, in any way, come to suspect our government, but rather felt that our democracy could be threatened by exposing our leaders to it, and then deranging them at will by exposing them to minute amounts of formaldehyde vapors.

Most of the personnel were of a congenial nature, but the Gestapo teams they sent around in the middle of the night to roughly extract blood and urine samples for drug testing were an exception.

The public must be alerted to prevent this from ever hitting the food market.

Aspartame controversy

The large majority 75 percent or more of neural cells in a particular area of the brain are killed before any clinical symptoms of a chronic illness are noticed. Such alcholic cardiomyopathies frequently terminate in sudden death.

The immune competency to self protect is further blurred by denaturing the already formed tissues of the body by the direct chemical actions of the toxics: Then I would want a link to the External Links section before the References not just in the Table of Contentsso readers getting to the end of the article are well aware that there is another section a long ways down on the page, below the References section.

I was sobbing desperately in my pleas for help. Any application to introduce an artificial sweetener to the marketplace has to be accompanied by piles of studies describing its hazard and attesting to its low risk.

Aspartame: A Bitter-Sweet Controversy

That is why References are supposed to be put at the end of the article. My skin turned red and inflamed, and was photosensitive.

I'm not required to have problems equally with pro- and anti-aspartame citations and neither is anybody else. Searle did studies in South America which showed this and did not publish the studies. 2. The Methanol section was drastically changed from banter back and forth of pro-aspartame and anti-aspartame arguments to a pro-aspartame section.

In addition, many of the sentences completely misrepresent the arguments. For example: a. "There has been some concern that aspartame metabolism releases methanol." This misrepresents the concern. Aspartame controversy.

The Markle hoax and its extended argument on "" have not been supported by medical studies. unspecified composition of the "Corticella" diet and method of adding aspartame, leading to possible nutritional deficiencies.

The Truth About Aspartame Side Effects

ASPARTAME: SWEET OR BITTER? ♦ As part of a healthy balanced diet, moderate amounts of aspartame can provide a little sweetness without added energy. ♦ When aspartame is heated for long periods, loss of sweetness may occur.

Rather add the. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! Unlike aspartame, saccharin is not metabolized by the human body and is excreted rapidly through the urine. 28 This is the holy grail of the artificial sweetener industry–compounds that taste sweet, are stable in prepackaged foods and beverages, and which are so foreign to the human diet that our digestive system cannot metabolize them to.

The Aspartame Debate – Part 3: Phenylalanine. Mar 9, | Additives, Instead it must be consumed in the diet. The body uses phenylalanine to build proteins and to make the amino acid tyrosine. In her book, “Sweet Poison,” Dr. Hull details her experience with illness relating to aspartame and her subsequent detox and healing.


An argument in favor of bitter sweet aspartame a diet delusion
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